Francis Hellyer is a technology enthusiast and seasoned innovator whose accomplishments span multiple decades and industries. As the co-founder and CEO of London Theatre Direct, Francis led the company’s journey from its birth in 1999 as the UK’s first online theatre ticket website. The company introduced groundbreaking features such as interactive seating plans and API integrations, and became the first ticket seller in the world to accept bitcoin, thanks to Francis’s visionary leadership.

An experienced investor and mentor, Francis supports a number of early-stage businesses, sharing his wealth of knowledge and guidance to foster the next generation of innovators.

Following a successful exit from London Theatre Direct, Francis has now turned his focus to Audiama, a pioneering venture set to redefine storytelling for the podcast generation. Audiama aims to craft immersive audio dramas by fusing interactive podcasts and audiobooks, with a vision of becoming a global leader in the audio app space and integrating VR and AR technologies for truly immersive experiences.

In addition to Audiama, Francis serves as the executive producer and host of the acclaimed short film and podcast series, Tech To The Future. This series, launched at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, delves into the intersection of science fiction and reality and is currently being developed into a TV series.

Outside his entrepreneurial pursuits, Francis demonstrates his commitment to community through his role as Chapter Chair of the YPO Monaco and French Riviera Integrated chapter, and by volunteering his time to several organisations​.